How to create a perfect male profile to attract more beauty?

You may have noticed that people who use dating apps and websites get a pretty bad experience. Beautiful women always meet unrespected, rude, violent men online. Where did all the elegant gentlemen go? Where have all the attractive men gone? Women are shouting! They want to have a good dating environment. We said, 'Dating is broken'. "The Internet has killed romance, and we are madly entering a catastrophic catastrophe!"

Of course, not everyone - so if you read this and can't relate to it, then you are doing very well! Of course, it's not just men: women can be very bad - or I've heard of it. But I never dated a woman, so I was worried that I could not comment on their behavior. What I know is that as a 38-year-old straight girl, I have been dating online for the past 13 years, and at least for the past two years, I have been single. I must have seen some terrible behavior from men: rude Comments, obscene photos, lack of respect and common decency.

But it is worth noting that I still have confidence. I still think there are good singles there - I believe this is because I even met some of them. They do exist!

However, despite this, this terrible behavior still spread on dating websites. why? Of course, this is partly because many people there are dicks and nothing changes it. But I also believe that this is also because many men simply don't know how to behave. They haven't even thought about how their behavior affects women, or how changing their behavior not only makes the dating world a great place for everyone but may even make them more likely to get what they want. They unabashedly exposed their desires to public places, and he thought that everyone is like this, and friends around his face are no exception.

Therefore, if you want to be different from them and recreate a good image in front of women, I believe that the following information on how to create a male profile will be very helpful.

Online Dating App or Website

So you decide to sign up for a dating website or app. How did you get started?

1. Write a good profile

You simply can't believe the number of shocking profiles I swipe to the left every day. Ankle shooting, nude photography and bathroom mirror photography. Those who mentioned sex, or misspelling, or even worse, didn't write anything at all! Seriously, if you want a woman to be interested in you, then make a little effort!

This is a fact you may not know: almost every woman I interact with on Twitter says she will automatically slide to the left in the profile. These guys seem to be lazy and uninteresting, and they can't make any effort on actual dating. So if you want to get more games, write something about yourself, use all the characters (not just a bunch of emoticons or vulgar sex references), then run it through a chuffing spell checker! Even better, let a female friend read it for you.

As for the photo: Choose a few beautiful photos: (1) your face close (and smile!), and (2) your entire body (on the clothes). Includes one or two content that shows your interests and activities. If you don't have a lot of photos, ask your spouse to bring a couple next time you enter the bar or attend the event. These days, everyone has a nice camera in their mobile phone, so there is really no excuse for junk photos.

2. Only swipe right on girls you are actually interested in

Many people seem to use a method called “electric sliding”: sliding directly on each person and then evaluating the girl's profile after they match. This may be effective, but I am afraid to inform you, Dick Move.

You see, most girls don't do this. Most people look at the configuration files and can only slide on the look they like - and the reason they do this is to avoid the unwanted attention of the creeps and geeks. So imagine that you are a girl, you match a man you think is cute. You are very excited but then he is immediately unparalleled. Maybe you sent him a message and he ignored it. And you are thinking, "What have I done? Is my information not good enough? Is there anything in my profile that disappoints him?" And this has been happening all the time. Imagine how the soul destroys it. Imagine how to make women's online dating exhausted. No wonder we are tired of being angry!

3. Being Single and Available

If you have a wife or a girlfriend, please don't go to the dating site! Unless you hook up an open mined relationship or want to be a sugar daddy, you have agreed with your partner first, and you make it clear on your profile.

If you are single, but you only broke up with your wife last week, or you are still worried about your ex-girlfriend, maybe take a break and wait until you are ready to meet the next relationship.

The first impression is extremely important for other singles seeking love online. Therefore, creating a good profile is necessary.