Why does everyone use travel photos in their dating profiles?

Spend 30 seconds on any dating site for travel, and it will make the world look like it's packed with travel singles. On hinge, tips like "best travel stories" "encourage users to explore some unique adventures. Tinder's sparse profile is full of airplane and beach emojis. Of course, there's a puzzling but ever-present picture of skiing on any app: four men wearing goggles posing on a snow-capped mountaintop. Who is the boy you are going to evaluate? Who knows! Whoever he is, he's super adventurous.

Travel is essential to how we sell ourselves on dates. There's no doubt that we take some of the best photos when we travel, but dating and travel are linked. People find people who prefer to travel, although vacations are often a part of our lives. Why is an event that costs more than 350 days a year not seen as an attractive expectation rather than the preference of the privileged? The priority of travel says who we are and who we want to date

Travel makes you seem adventurous and interested in your own development, the ideal partner. With travel photos, we can sell our best ideas to anyone who might pass by.

Travel is as romantic as dating

Most people don't see their daily lives as a true reflection of who they are, says Elisa Marie, a dating coach and founder of growing up self-counseling and coaching. "people feel like they're chained to a job and routine, they just go and do it and it doesn't make sense," "she said. "when they can be their true selves, that's when they're outside of the daily living system."

When you travel, you can tell from what you pack that you're a different person. When I tucked four sundresses, two pairs of heels, and each scarf into the suitcase, it wasn't my daily wardrobe; This is my travel experience. No one imagines wandering through a Moroccan market every day, or hiking in Yosemite - we imagine ourselves as we would most like the world to see.

Bauby says that many people choose a partner that they want to grow up in. So, even if you're not a frequent traveler, there's a belief that frequent travel partners can pull you into their wonderful lives.

There are similarities in the way we romanticize travel and dating. "Romantic love starts out as a fantasy based on a little bit of information," says Bobbie. When we imagine ourselves on vacation, we ignore the frustration that comes with flying anxiety or language disorders. We didn't know what the real holiday would look like, so we predicted with rose-tinted vignettes, just as we predicted dating someone we'd only seen in a few photos.