Unforgettable Travel Experience Online - Finding a sugar daddy

All of my friends think me crazy when I first decided to give travel dating a go. And truth be told, I thought the same thing. But I’d made it a personal goal to be more adventurous in my dating life in 2019.

For those who may not know, travel dating is kind of like Tinder, but instead of swiping right and left, you scroll through profiles — which also include photos and quick bios — and search by a trip. In the case of Travel Dating Sites, users can create and list trips with a few key details: destination, specific dates, and whether you’ve got an “extra ticket” (i.e. you’re willing to cover your travel buddy’s expenses), have your “own ticket” (i.e. you’re taking this trip and would like for a date to tag along and cover their own expenses), or, most ambitiously, would like someone to “take you along” (i.e. you’d like to head out on this vacation and have someone else pay for the trip).

From there, you can match with and message other users based on how interested you are in jetting off with that person. Conversations are a bit more loaded than those you’d have on other dating sites or apps, with fewer games of “Would You Rather” and more “So, what’s your travel style?” But for the most part, it’s not crazy different.

Naturally, I now consider myself a low-key expert in travel dating. So here’s everything you need to know about foregoing first-date drinks to fly across the ocean with someone you barely know: highs, lows, and jet-lag-induced drooling included.

1. You can truly find a mature sugar daddy or rich singles

Many travel dating sites were initially founded for sugar daddy types to find young, hot companions, which has given the whole concept a bit of a bad rap. But fret not — more and more millennials are joining these sites and apps; according to traveldatingsites.org, more than 2,007,225+ 18- to 50-year-olds have joined its site in the last two years alone.

2. Safe is guaranteed

Yes, heading off on a vacation with someone is a way bigger commitment than dinner and drinks. If you’re meeting a person at a far-away destination, be sure to touch base with the hotel staff in advance to ensure they’ve got your information. Many of these travel dating sites and apps also suggest Skyping, FaceTiming, or even grabbing coffee with your potential travel date (location permitting) to ensure you’re completely comfortable with each other before clicking “book.”

Other than that, I’d say follow standard Tinder protocol and you’ll be fine. Just trust your gut, stick to hanging out in public areas, and ask a friend to track your location from their phone (maybe spring for a temporary Wi-Fi pass or roaming cell phone plan as well).

3. You are with option

For starters, you’ve got to decide which destination dating site or app to try. I’ve only ever used Top 10 travel dating sites for rich men (sugar daddy) or other millionaire singles, which basically invented travel dating, but there are tons of other sites and apps in this space now, including TravelHostDate, TourBar.

Some are designed to help you connect with locals while exploring a new city; others are good for finding fellow vagabonds to sync up with on your next adventure. Your call.

4. This is a great way to escape modern dating

Travel dates are more adventurous and exciting than dating others. This is the most common way that most single young people today want to escape modern life in search of new thrills. In the age of big data, dating continues to be more fun than traditional dating, with couples dining out and watching movies. Don't you think it's boring?