Android Apps for Vacation If you are Looking For a Travel Buddy

Traveling around the country, or around the world, is a great way to spend your free time. You get to see new, exotic places you may never see again and experience cultures that you never have before.

With the ever-present nature of mobile devices today, you can have even more fun on any trip you take. There are hundreds of apps for your Android that can help travelers with everything from finding the best local bars wherever you go to currency exchange rates. Taking advantage of these apps can help improve your experience abroad, taking a lot of the guesswork and possible stress away. Here are some of the best apps to download before you go on your next adventure.

Travel Dating Sites

If you’ve never been to a certain area before, you may have trouble knowing where to go when you want to unwind or grab a bite to eat. Free dating sites for travel buddies can solve all of your problems for you while you can focus on hanging out by the pool.

This app can find any type of business that’s in your area with a simple search. You can look for bars, restaurants, movie theaters, coffee shops, hotels, and even emergency buildings like hospitals and police stations. The app gives you a brief description of the business you select and will tell you how far away it is from your current location.

Travel Buddy

Tired of the same boring trips? If your friends are not enough then this social trip companion finder will help you find your perfect travel buddy that may turn into an exciting adventure.

Travel Buddy is a Hyperlocal travel app . It is a chance to find friends worldwide, visit a place of your dream and find a travel partner or a local guide when you are traveling. If you are planning to travel then travel buddy can find someone to travel with, having similar Itinerary with you.


  • A social feed to post travel photos, videos, stories or advice.
  • Travel Connect: Many local travel deals, tours & activities.
  • Meetups
  • Organize or discover meetups, travel community events, etc.
  • It is like Couchsurfing without a couch or some kind of special meetings.
  • Plan trip together, shop, go out, eat, explore beaches or nature trails, or just hang out.
  • Visit your dream destinations and receive adventure travel companions where you are.
  • Find your travel mates for backpacking, caving, trekking, an upcoming business trip, convention or unite with new friends for a short break away.
  • Forum of travelers to help each other, where you can ask a question and get travel tips, advises for your upcoming trip.


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