What “Gifts” are The Sugar Baby Expect?

Are you a sugar baby finder ? Do you know who sugar baby is? When sugar daddy dating first emerged on the Internet, most people didn't like it. Others think that as a young and beautiful girl why like prostitutes, why can not through their own efforts to make money but in a way of self-respect. With the development of the sugar relationship, it has now become sugar. This is not "depravity" or "bad influence", this is the normal development trend.

Travel mate

Another question: what does sugar baby crave most? We can comprehend that from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. All kinds of human needs are distributed in pyramid-shaped, from the bottom to the top: Physiological needs – Safety needs – Love and belonging – Esteem – Self-actualization(and Self-Transcendence needs)

Gift: “Easy to give”

What's unique about the sugar relationship in this respect is that it can simultaneously meet human needs from the first three levels, while the opportunity to get a living allowance from others, on the other hand, is the opportunity to establish a romantic relationship with his favorite type.

That's why poor girls and generous older men initially became the biggest part of the sugar bowl. Many sugar babies need an allowance to support their life.

Sugar babies in this period, obviously want the gift, is nothing more than money, subsidies and other things sugar daddy does not care about, and sugar baby is very much in need. At their age, all they need is money.

Gift: Varied Psychology

As more and more people find that the sugar relationship is beneficial, it is to meet the needs of the fourth and fifth layers - the social needs and the values that people should respect themselves to achieve.

At present, thousands of people are being educated in universities or have their own positions in various industries, becoming "sugar dolls". Can't they survive? Why do they have a normal life, but the desire for shortcuts, even if they try to try an unusual way, seems to be risky?

You know the answer

At this time, some sugar babies want the gift of pocket money, luxury, expensive travel, and support to allow them to live a luxurious and comfortable life, perhaps to satisfy his inner fantasy of wealth or pretend to be rich in front of friends.

Traveling with a sugar daddy is what every sugar baby wants. In the dark days when high tuition is depressing, they are eager to travel to their favorite places like a little princess without worrying about the cost. They can buy everything they want. Because they know that if they want it, the sugar daddy will buy it for them.

In addition, sugar babies want to meet successful people, enter their social circle, meet people who can give her career advice and help her on her way to success. With luck, sugar baby might get one at a fancy party.


I have no doubt that there will be some people in the sugar bowl for personal fulfillment - maybe it already exists.

We don't have to think about what they want to achieve, everyone has their own dream, maybe others can't understand and agree, but we must agree to disagree, also must admit that judging others is mean.

No one can imagine what an amazing thing a person can do.

As a matter of fact, what a sugar baby wants is actually very simple. However, it is the money that sugar daddy can not care most. All the luxury goods that can be bought with money are the ones that sugar babies most expect to get.